{to improve the way we design, build and test oilfield service equipment}


In June 2013, I joined Schlumberger as a Manufacturing Engineer for Coil Tubing Surface Equipment (acquisition hardware and sensors) and ACTive services (downhole electromechanical tools used for perforation as well as wellbore parameter monitoring). In September 2015 I switched product lines to my current role, Senior Manufacturing Engineer for NPD Tractors (hydraulically powered, continuous drive wheel Wireline conveyance tools).

As production over the past two years has been focused on developing our NPD technology, I have spent a significant amount of my time on design improvements for manufacturability. I have performed numerous complex tolerance stack analyses that have resolved fit/interference issues causing part damage and production delays, statistical analysis of test data to develop criteria on customer acceptance tests, and implementation of predictive screening on AC induction stators used in our tools though an Advanced Windings Analyzer.

Generally, as a manufacturing engineer my responsibilities include a wide range of activities – technical support and troubleshooting production failures whether design-related or vendor-fault, leading root cause analysis of field failures, creating value stream maps, devising test procedures to detect failures at the vendor or early in assembly, and supervising production for over 18 million dollars in revenue annually.


Local Impact

254: Number of manufacturing failures resolved since 2013

13: Number of continuous improvement projects completed

$181.3K: Net annual savings due to continuous improvement projects

$18M: Amount of annual revenue responsibility

233: Number of assets I have supported from 2013-2018


Global Impact

Schlumberger is the largest oilfield services provider in the world, providing innovative technology that enables reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing services for E&P companies globally. We work in more than 85 countries and represent over 140 nationalities.

I believe that it is my responsibility to ensure that the assets that my team produces are not only built and tested safely, but also designed for HSE. A UPO (unintentional pull-out), a tool lost in the well, and a perforation misrun can each have heavy consequences to the environment, Our tools are used around the world by Schlumberger field engineers and it is my duty to prevent any HSE risk to the best of my ability.

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What my role means to me

Since almost every tool (except for the split bobbin assembly) is built by hand, each process is subject to the assembler's technique and experience - an aspect I find both interesting and challenging. I am inspired everyday by the very talented group of men and women that I work with, and it is fulfilling to find ways to make their job easier.

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